Collective Intelligence

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The Hermetic Revival


These Seven Laws are some of the oldest and most influential systems of thinking, and have expanded horizons, broadened possibilities, and aided many in the pursuit of fuller, happier, more meaningful and longer lives — as much in modern times as ancient ones.

The Moment | Alan Watts and the Eternal Now

Mixed Media

Until there is silence of the mind, it is almost impossible to understand eternal life, that is to say, eternal now.

Waters of Spirit


These abundant collective resources also include ancestral wisdom, feelings of gratitude, wonder and awe, appreciation for beauty, our powers of concentration and insight, our capacity to awaken, spiritual traditions, and personal practices such as prayer and meditation. I see our spiritual commons as a river of pure life-giving waters that each of us can draw from freely. In this edition of Kosmos, we examine and explore these rich inner resources.

Seeking the Honey of Life


We grasp what we already have, and become imprisoned by it; the bees give everything away, and are free.

Hermetic Wisdom and the Attributes of Our Time


The archetypal philosophy of Tarot ReVisioned creates the intellectual and creative tools necessary to move human consciousness beyond a model of self as psychologically limited or religiously incomplete. It establishes links with perennial wisdom, tradition, history and humanity’s multidimensional origins and creative adventure through worlds of time and space.

Dismantling the Patriarchy Within


Jung called the masculine principle within a woman, the animus; for a woman to really encounter her animus and to really work and transform him she first needs to walk through the valley of her own shadow.

Sacramental Conversation


Our mutual destiny expresses itself most directly through human meeting and conversation. It is, after all, through relationship that we are born, learn language, become part of the human community and discover who we are.

Reilly Dow | Art of the Scribe


In my work as a scribe, I get to spend a lot of time listening, sensing, and weaving visual stories using quick drawing. I try to be careful not to name, package, or fix anything.

Living Radical Impermanence


The pace of change at the emerging edge of climate response, culture, politics and technology is so fast now it’s like we’re trying to build a raft as we hurtle down the rapids.

Recovering the Divine Feminine


In order to transform our present view of reality we need to understand the ideas and beliefs that have created it. When did we lose the awareness that all life is sacred? Why did we lose the feminine archetype that connected us to nature?