Collective Intelligence

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The Bridge to Tomorrow is a Work-in-Progress


It’s not sufficient anymore to know about the benefits of connection. We must dynamically partake of this capacity to be together in a way that improves our individual health outcomes.

Truth that Affirms and Regenerates All Life


We must discover (or rediscover) a field of common experience and knowledge that is similar in scope but fundamentally different from scientific and spiritual materialism.

Are You Sure?


Where does truth come from? Is truth “out there” to be discovered? Or is it “inside” to be revealed? A very hopeful answer is that truth presents itself in response to our individual and collective need, our yearning for its light. If so, the need is now.

Marching Orders | Covid’s Attention War


The fundamental strategy of information warfare is to sever you from your reality, to intercede in the intimacy between your senses and your sense of the world.

The Noosphere Is Here


The great Jesuit anthropologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, has long fascinated us with his vision that the world would evolve into a “noosphere,” [1] a great web of consciousness enveloping the Earth. It seemed a lovely but distant ideal, yet the Digital Revolution has now made that dream a reality.

The Hermetic Revival


These Seven Laws are some of the oldest and most influential systems of thinking, and have expanded horizons, broadened possibilities, and aided many in the pursuit of fuller, happier, more meaningful and longer lives — as much in modern times as ancient ones.

The Moment | Alan Watts and the Eternal Now

Mixed Media

Until there is silence of the mind, it is almost impossible to understand eternal life, that is to say, eternal now.

Waters of Spirit


These abundant collective resources also include ancestral wisdom, feelings of gratitude, wonder and awe, appreciation for beauty, our powers of concentration and insight, our capacity to awaken, spiritual traditions, and personal practices such as prayer and meditation. I see our spiritual commons as a river of pure life-giving waters that each of us can draw from freely. In this edition of Kosmos, we examine and explore these rich inner resources.

Seeking the Honey of Life


We grasp what we already have, and become imprisoned by it; the bees give everything away, and are free.