Extinction Resilience!
June 25, 2019 Kosmos Community News

Sacred Headwaters of the Amazon | Waking Up to Pachamama

A Conscious Conversation with Belén Páez and Bill Twist
In the Summer Edition of Kosmos Quarterly

Bill Twist | The area where we work, which has been called The Sacred Headwaters of the Amazon, is the most biodiverse area of the Amazon Basin. It’s still very resilient—there has been minimal human encroachment—but the indigenous people are aware of what’s going on in other parts of the world. And they know that if industrial-level extractivism moves into their territory, they will face species extinction and degradation of their territory’s natural ability to support life just as has happened in so many parts of the world. They are fiercely committed that that doesn’t happen in the area of the Sacred Headwaters.

The Holy Grail of Restoration | Mending the Sinai Peninsula

By John D. Liu
In the Summer Edition of Kosmos Quarterly

For several hundred generations, humans have altered the habitat of living aquatic, plant, animal, bird, microbial, and fungal communities with devastating effects to the region’s ecology. Over historical time, the vegetative cover and evolutionary biodiversity of the Sinai has been in large part lost. Imagine the importance if it were possible to restore the region to ecological health.