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May 21, 2019 Kosmos Community News

Genesis Farm | Tribute to Thomas Berry

By Sister Miriam MacGillis

On June 1, we will mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Thomas Berry, himself an historian of indigenous culture and wisdom. Thomas’s thinking and vision became the cornerstone on which the work of Genesis Farm has emerged over these nearly 40 years.

Photo Essay | Rights of Nature

By Betsey Crawford in Kosmos Quarterly

There are enormous questions and hurdles to contemplate. Does the mountain have the right to exist without being blasted with dynamite for coal or roads? Does the air have the right to be free of the mercury and sulfur in coal smoke?

Or the carbon dioxide-laden exhaust from burning oil? Does the ground under our feet have the right to a life without unnamed chemicals forced into it to frack gas? Do rivers have the right to be free-flowing, free of toxic chemicals?