Vision of Unity | Summit Take-aways
May 7, 2019 Kosmos Community News

Cultivating Right Livelihood

By Della Duncan and Mark Phillips
In Kosmos Quarterly | SPRING 2019

What is ‘right livelihood’?Traditional economists assume work is a disutility that people try to do as little of as possible. Right livelihood reframes work as something that is beautiful and valuable and comes from a shared desire to contribute meaningfully to the world.

DRAWDOWN | Top 10 Solutions To Reverse Climate Change

Via Green America

Paul Hawken and the Project Drawdown experts thought they knew what to expect when they modeled and ranked 80 solutions that could reverse global warming. But the data had some surprises in store.

Most prominently was that even when the solutions are modeled in terms of what they call a “Plausible Scenario” — a conservative measure of projected solution implementation that is “reasonable yet optimistic” — society still makes great strides toward achieving drawdown, the point where greenhouse-gas levels in the atmosphere begin to decline.

A Tale of Two Pipelines

By Victoria Price
In Kosmos Quarterly

Two Communities Stand Up for Pipeline Safety

“I’ve realized that, as a pretty well-educated, privileged person, I need to use my resources and skills more wisely and become more aware of how my actions and choices affect the ecosystem I’m a part of. When I started to see what was happening with Standing Rock in South Dakota in 2016, that was a wake-up call. I began to consider the safety risks associated with pipelines and the environmental destruction and water contamination that was happening near me in the Philadelphia suburbs with the Mariner East II. That was how the responsibility started to awaken in me.” – Mallory Rose Spencer