At the Turning Point
March 2, 2019 Kosmos Community News

A Selection of Recent Climate Reports

Compiled by Victoria Price
in the winter edition of Kosmos Quarterly

The following are summaries of recent studies conducted on the interrelationships between climate change and four distinct areas: fashion, food, the sea, and mental health.

POEM | An Overcast Morning, I Sit Down To Write

By Melanie Green
in the Winter edition of Kosmos Quarterly

Inhalation and exhalation,
this just happens
and I’m in the middle of it…

The Economics of Solidarity, Spirit, and Soul

By Shaun Chamberlin
in the Winter edition of Kosmos Quarterly

“Today, cracks are appearing everywhere. The edifice is crumbling. We all know, of course, that this economy is unsustainable—devouring its very foundations as it does—but we easily forget that this means it will end. Easy to forget, perhaps, because for all that we resent the hollow emptiness it imparts, the prospect of its absence, too, is terrifying for those of us who were only raised to retrieve water from a tap, food from a supermarket.”