Touching Peace
September 4, 2018 Kosmos Community News

Presence at the Edge of Our Practice

By Helen Titchen Beeth
Kosmos Quarterly | SUMMER 2018 

Humanity is in a time of transition, one that we can navigate successfully only with a shift in consciousness. How can we wake up from the collective neuroses that have driven our civilization into decadence and decline? How do we recover from the addictions that hold us in their thrall? In this article, I propose the perspective of practice as a pathway to liberation from destructive and reductive habits that is accessible to all and offer a preliminary overview of human practices for the 21st century.

Three Intuitive Values of an Engaged Ecology

By Rhonda Fabian

“The time has come to transform our toxic, extractive culture of greed and consumption into an urgent cooperative global effort to survive and thrive based on a set of shared human values derived from Nature, an engaged ecology that can guide us back to harmony and restore our fundamental relationships with the Earth and other beings.”