The Transcendent Moment
August 7, 2018 Kosmos Community News

Resilience | Confronting the Unimaginable

By Nathalie Legros
Kosmos Quarterly | SUMMER 2018

A crash on a Belgian highway, opens a doorway to non-ordinary reality for a mother fighting to save her children.
It happened in the summer of 1998. I am alone at home. Home is a little village in the Belgian countryside. The month of August is warm. In the attic, in my study room, I am preparing for a philosophy exam…

Reader’s Essay | Awakening to My Second Life

By Kamran Matlock

“The Gauntlet” was a stretch of sidewalk at my college campus lined with booths preaching the world’s religions. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews advertised. Interspersed between them, if eternal salvation wasn’t enough, one could get good deals on gym memberships and credit cards too! I spent most of my time at the Mormon booth because they had free brownies.

Dynamic Governance | A Social Technology for Organizations

By Pamela Boyce Simms
Kosmos Quarterly | SUMMER 2018

Dynamic Governance offers new processes for structuring successful 21st-century organizations and networks.