Our Next Collective Awakening
June 12, 2018 Kosmos Community News

Editorial | Awake, Awakened, Woke!

by Rhonda Fabian
in the premiere edition of Kosmos Quarterly, Summer 2018

In our collective dream, we are racing toward a precipice. Earth’s human children have lost their way, propelled by swift currents of mindlessness and greed. The more we struggle against the current and try to cling to passing debris, the more exhaustion and panic we feel. And yet…and yet, we somehow know another reality is still possible, if only we can shift our awareness and change the story.

Kosmos Live | Valerie Brown on Pilgrimage

Hosted by Tamara Hamilton

“Very often a pilgrimage is referred to as a thin place. A thin place, meaning that the distance between the material world and the spiritual world is very narrow, so the Camino de Santiago is the quintessential thin place. When one walks that pilgrimage, you just feel the spirit of a thousand years of people who have also walked that path, and that’s a very, very powerful experience.” – Valerie Brown