Special Preview | Kosmos Quarterly, Summer 2018
May 29, 2018 Kosmos Community News

A ‘Tasting’ of Excerpts from the New Kosmos Quarterly

We are delighted to share these brief excerpts from the inaugural edition of Kosmos Quarterly, Summer 2018.

How Today’s Youth-Based Movements Are Breaking New Ground 

By Mark Gerzon, for Kosmos

As a veteran of a “youth movement” myself, a student of generationally-driven movements around the world, and now an adviser to some of these change agents today, I am aware that I watch the current wave of social change initiatives through wrinkled eyes. Now fast approaching seventy, I have witnessed many movements to “save” or “change” the world. And what I value most in those movements is the capacity of the young to unlearn what their elders have directly or indirectly taught them.