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April 24, 2018 Kosmos Community News

Youth Activists Who Are Changing the World

by Julia Pimentel, via

All it takes is one idea and the right mix of determination and willpower to effect change at the local level. Start with one thing you’re passionate about, and find small, local ways to organize and find solutions to the problem. That’s what these activists did – but the catch is that some of them started as early as six years old.

Kosmos Classic | Towards a New Activism to Effectively Support a Transition to a Post-Growth Economy

By Micha Narberhaus
Kosmos Journal, Fall | Winter 2014

The Broken Stories of Mainstream Activism

To this day, few civil society organisations are promoting the much-needed transition to a new economic system based on the principles of ecological limits, solidarity, human well-being, and intergenerational justice, nor are many organisations embracing the complexity of systemic change in their strategies, campaigns, and projects.