Divinity and Eros | Alive in a Loving Universe
January 23, 2018 Kosmos Community News

We Are Bio-Cosmic Beings Learning to Live in a Living Universe

By Duane Elgin
In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

“Our view of the Universe profoundly impacts how we live in the world. If we think we live in a Universe that is comprised of non-living particles without meaning and purpose, then it makes sense to exploit that which is dead on behalf of ourselves, the most visibly alive. Alternatively, if we have direct experiences of connecting with the aliveness in nature and the world around us, then it is natural to respect and care for the countless expressions of aliveness.”

The Deschooling Dialogues: An Interview with Dr. Dieter Duhm

By Alnoor Ladha, to Kosmos Online

“What we need to do is to globalize the miracle of Life. Yes, we need to globalize the miracle of life. The original power field of Life has to be opened to the whole planet. It is of course there anyway, but we need to connect with it consciously. We need to activate it by manifesting it in real communities. That’s a political task of a new kind.” – Dr. Dieter Duhm

Soul of the Earth: A Manifesto

by Marko Pogačnik
In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

“Humanity is married to Gaia, the Earth soul. We are embedded in her stream of manifested life. In a sense, we share the same bed with her. But we are not conscious of this sacred relationship; we do not acknowledge this intimate connection; we do not express or cultivate our love for and with her.”

Oasis of White Silence in the Heart of Manhattan

By Ralph Peterson
In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

“Art is God’s way of clearing the path to our hearts.” These are the words of Dominique de Menil, who worked with Mark Rothko as the patron for the world-famed Rothko Chapel in Houston. These words inspired me as I worked with Louise Nevelson as the patron for the internationally acclaimed Nevelson Chapel in the heart of Manhattan.

Ecology As Erotic Love

By Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., excerpted from Psychology Today

“An ‘Erotic Ecology’ is an art of living, of caring for the biosphere and of creating satisfying relationships inspired by the Eros of life — the power which makes everything in our reality yearn for connection and transformation.” – Andreas Weber