Dark Night of the Soul
December 12, 2017 Kosmos Community News

Savage Grace: Living Resiliently In The Dark Night Of The Globe

By Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker
– from the Introduction to the book

“We draw on all of the spiritual traditions and their wisdom because we realize that a new universal mysticism is being born that recognizes the contributions and wisdom of all the traditions. The necessity in our time demands that we listen to all of them for whatever guidance they can offer us in what is the defining evolutionary crisis of our entire human journey.”

Preparing for Profound Change | Four Key Lessons from the Podcast Series

By Rhonda Fabian and Victoria Price
In Kosmos Journal, FALL | WINTER 2017

The Kosmos Live podcast series “Preparing for Profound Change” is a continuing effort to gather wisdom to help us cope with what lies ahead. We have turned to trusted friends and thought leaders for insight and guidance. Here are the key takeaways from those conversations so far.

The Deeper Meaning of the Dark Night of the Soul

By Peter Holleran, via his website Mountain Runner Doc

“When your grief transcends all bounds, it becomes its own cure”. 
– Ghalib

St. John of the Cross was described by Thomas Merton as “the greatest of all mystical theologians”, and his writing stands at the pinnacle of the Christian esoteric tradition.

ESSAY | Through the Dark Night

By Marisa Handler via Transformation

Inside ourselves and in the world at large, more darkness brings more light rising in response. 

Kali Takes the World: Dark Night of the World Soul

By Vera de Chalambert
Kosmos Journal, FALL | WINTER 2017

Stripped of our comforts and certainties and false assumptions about life, now faced with the vulnerability of existence, we come to feel more intimately the hollow of our bones. It is when things fall apart that we meet the un-ruined. To be planted, a seed must turn completely inside out, must break open, the old form utterly destroyed, in order to grow. To those unfamiliar with the cycles of growth, fertility might look like annihilation.

The Beautiful Question | Deep Roots

By Scott Lennox, transcribed from his podcast.

It’s been said that good questions naturally lead to better answers. And that it’s in not knowing that we find the doorway to knowing.

Our subject today – staying rooted and well-grounded in challenging times.