Evolutionary Ecology
November 28, 2017 Kosmos Community News

KOSMOS LIVE Podcast | Andreas Weber, On Matter and Desire

Episode 9 – Andreas Weber | On Matter and Desire

“The profound changes that are coming are the profound changes that are happening in every process of identity, which is every life form all the time. In a very difficult and astonishing way, let’s say the profound changes or even this sadness of goodbye or this sadness of loss which is englobing us, is just a variant of the sadness of loss which happens if you are fully alive.”

The Enlivenment Manifesto: Politics and Poetics in the Anthropocene

By Andreas Weber, Hildegard Kurt

“On a profound level, nature is threatened by ignoring the principles of fertile, imaginative interpenetration, which shape existence. The real opportunity of the ‘Anthropocene’ is to create a new bios for our thinking—an Enlivenment.”

REVIEW | The Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief and Compassion

The Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief and Compassion—Surprising Observations of a Hidden World, by Peter Wohlleben

Reviewed by Julie Morley, for Kosmos Online

Our increasingly disenchanted world with its looming dystopian scenarios makes German forest ranger Peter Wohlleben’s series of enchanted naturalist tales a welcome palliative respite.

The Plant-Eater’s Dilemma

By Dr. Kristen Weiss, via her blog Enviro-Mental

“…it all comes back to making thoughtful choices, and showing gratitude and respect for the resources available to us—whether they are plants, animals, soil, rock, or water. If we could revitalize more widely the ancient practice of paying respect to the food we consume, perhaps this gratitude would spill over into other aspects of our lives.

Two Essays | Do Animals Dream? and Death of a Dog

These two essays are from Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas’ new book Tamed and Untamed: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2017)

An Invitation | How Are You Transforming?

Send us a picture of yourself wearing the bracelet and tell us in a hundred words or less how transformation is manifesting for you. If it is an appropriate fit for Kosmos, we will share your story with thousands of Kosmos readers, along with a link to your organization, gallery or cause.