Intuitive Collaboration
November 14, 2017 Kosmos Community News

Liminal Leadership

By Nora Bateson
Kosmos Journal, FALL | WINTER 2017

“Most of what matters now won’t matter later. Coming generations will shake their heads at the sacrifices their ancestors made for material wealth. They will not care how much prestige you gathered, how many bitcoins you bought, who considered you famous, or even what widget or vaccination you invented. If humanity makes it to the next level in the evolutionary game, it will be through recognition of our interdependency to each other and to the organisms of our biosphere.”

Our Intuitive Capacity for Deep Collaboration

By Chris Taylor
In the current edition of Kosmos Journal

“What fascinates me about this process is its fluidity. No one is in overall command; no one’s ego gets in the way; no one is seen to slack off; no one complains about doing too much. When something needs to be done, someone picks it up—getting an extra knife to chop carrots, grabbing another tea towel to dry dishes. When we need to, we work in teams. When a gap appears, someone shifts place without instruction.”

Initiative | Making Our Movement See Itself

By Otto Scharmer

Why do the forces of destruction seem so much more powerful than the forces of co-creation? Because the latter one’s do not have any real amplification mechanism. And that’s exactly what we are trying to build and prototype over the next few months.

Why We’ve Never Had It So Good, Yet Everything Has to Change

By Jonathon Rowson, via RSA

“The etymology of ‘crisis’ is about decisive moments in times of difficulty, and originated in the need to reverse the course of a disease before it was too late. The notion that we are responding to a crisis is not therefore about a litany of problems or a general call to arms but something quite specific – the recognition of the timeliness of intentional action in the context of seismic and systemic change that will either happen to us unwittingly and unwillingly or through us, creatively and imaginatively.”

The Dawn of a Conscious Business Movement

By Steve Farrell
In the current edition of Kosmos Journal

“This is a purposeful journey. It involves creating new behaviors, so it will be challenging at times. If we are to create a conscious world we must stretch, gain new understanding, acquire wisdom, express our values through our buying decisions, and then stretch again to progress conscious business and a conscious world.”

Excerpt | ‘The Patterning Instinct’: Transforming our Society to Sustainable Flourishing

By Jeremy Lent

What would it take to navigate toward a future of sustainable flourishing? The economic system driving our current trajectory would need to be transformed, along with its underlying values: the pursuit of never-ending material growth and the glorification of humanity’s conquest of nature. Could such a drastic transformation of our global system really take place in the foreseeable future?