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September 19, 2017 Kosmos Community News

GLOBAL CITIZEN | Who cares about global governance? 

By Manjana Milkoreit, via Global Challenges Foundation
While people around the world identify in increasing numbers as global citizens, engagement with global governance remains practically non-existent. What could be done so that people care more? A range of structural and cognitive barriers make it difficult to prioritize global challenges, identify their relevance, access decision-making forums, or simply bear the emotional burden associated with issues of existential magnitude.

Your Complete Guide to 11 Days of Global Unity 2017

13th Anniversary!
11 Days of Global Unity September 11 – 21, 2017
Culminating on the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE Sept. 21st

At this perilous moment in our world, when new social, political and environmental challenges confront our society seemingly every day, 11 Days of Global Unity (11 Ways to Transform Your World) provides a comprehensive worldwide platform connecting an international array of hundreds of thousands of socially concerned people, organizations and coalitions with solutions for peace, justice, sustainability and transformation.

KOSMOS LIVE Podcast | Ma’ikwe Ludwig on Intentional Community

Episode 6 – Ma’ikwe Ludwig on Intentional Community

Maikwe Ludwig is a longtime advocate of Cooperative Culture and locally, self-determined solutions to climate disruption. She serves on the board of directors at the Fellowship for Intentional Community, and is the Executive Director of Commonomics USA. She writes, teaches, and organizes from her home base in Laramie, Wyoming.

Race, Class, Gender and Climate Change: An Excerpt from ‘Together Resilient’ by Ma’ikwe Ludwig

By Ma’ikwe Ludwig, via Fellowship for Intentional Community

Climate change is deeply intertwined with race, class and gender. I’d like to focus on the ‘who’ of different roles we are all playing in the crisis.

YOUTH VOICE | The Mis-Education of Serenity Hughes: A Journey to Self Realization

By Serenity Hughes | via Chicago Wisdom Project

“The school that I attended was full of Black people, my peers were Black and my teachers were Black. Even though Black excellence and promise surrounded me, I was mis-educated. I was taught everything about Britain, France, and Germany: from their wars, to their parliaments, to their misfortunes. I was taught everything about White America: from their famous authors, to their Presidents, to their misfortunes. I did not know anything about Africa. I did not know anything about Africans in America, besides their misfortunes, which included slavery.”

Book Excerpt | The Great Re-imagining: Spirituality in an Age of Apocalypse

By Theodore Richards, an excerpt from Chapter 3 | Spirituality in the Age of Climate Change

“The imposition of Western industrial culture on the rest of the world through globalization marginalizes many of the world’s great religious traditions. Indeed, even those who profess to be strict adherents to a particular faith have lost elements of their tradition in subtle ways.”

Global Ecovillage Network | Sacred Activism

By Kosha Joubert and Leila Dregger, via Global Ecovillage Network

All around the world ecovillages and communities are standing up, as part of a global movement to protect what is sacred to them: family, friends and community, the biodiversity and beauty of nature, the future of generations to come. They stand for social justice, human rights and earth rights.