Kosmos Journal and Conscious Activism
June 27, 2017 Kosmos Community News

The Future of Activism

Image | Zapatista mural: “Here children are taught that Democracy, Freedom, and Justice, reside in our community.”

By Juan Manuel, Martin Kirk
In Kosmos Journal,  SPRING | SUMMER 2017

‘Activism is a dynamic concept, changing all the time. In recent years, one of the most important and exciting developments has been the move towards greater ‘intersectionality.’ This approach tries to bring together activists from across traditional issue and geographical silos because it recognises that no single injustice stands alone; they are all connected.’

Spiritual Activism, Together

Image | NuMundo is a platform that connects individuals with impact centers around the world. Nick is third from right.

By Nicholas Joyce
In Kosmos Journal, SPRING | SUMMER 2017

‘One of the primary outlets for my activism is NuMundo, a platform that connects individuals with impact centers around the world. Impact centers are places around the planet that exhibit care for the Earth, offer educational experiences, and have overnight accommodations. The intention is to cultivate transformational experiences for individuals, as well as to bring more resources and energy to places where people are living together and embodying life-enhancing values.’

Reader’s Essay | Restoring Humane Values through Activism

By Bruna Kadletz
In Kosmos Journal, SPRING | SUMMER 2017

‘There I was, naked with five other anonymous women. The atmosphere had changed dramatically. Fear gave way to trust and receptivity. I became interested and wanted to learn more about them. In the darkness of the room, my eyes couldn’t see any difference among us. We were all the same. Between water buckets and scrubbing, we talked and laughed with intimacy, like old friends do.’

Entangled with the World

Image | Bayo Akomolafe and Manish Jain at Schumacher College

By Bayo Akomolafe
In Kosmos Journal,  SPRING | SUMMER 2017

‘The questions we ask trigger the entire world. They are the world examining itself. Even more, the space between a question and an answer is not empty and void. It is troubled and littered with many obstacles, many beings, and many forces we are called to engage with but often avoid in our rush for answers. If we lingered longer than we are used to, if we strayed from the calculability of a course of action, if we saw ‘con-fusion’ as a mingling together instead of a fall from grace, we might happen upon more radical forms of change.’

Subtle Activism: A Way Forward through Chaotic Times

By David Nicol
In Kosmos Journal,  SPRING | SUMMER 2017

‘Although subtle activism is a new term, authentic spiritual practice has always been for the sake of the whole. From ancient shamanic traditions to monastic and mystical orders within the major world religions, practitioners have long dedicated their spiritual work for the wellbeing of all life. In our modern, hyper-individualized Western culture, however, spirituality has become largely focused on personal liberation, often to the exclusion of sociopolitical and environmental concerns.’

Reader’s Essay | Activism in the Teaocene

Image | the author, pouring ceremonial tea
By Harold Linde
In Kosmos Journal,  SPRING | SUMMER 2017

I was arrested by the FBI, Secret Service, Coast Guard, and municipal police. I almost fell 200 feet to my death while deploying a banner in high winds after all three of my safety systems failed simultaneously. The banners that I and others risked our lives to deploy appeared on the pages of The Boston Globe, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Washington Post.

…And then my activism changed.