Walking in a World On Fire – Part 1
May 16, 2017 Kosmos Community News

Reflections on Our Pilgrimage Into Society

By Gabriele Castagnoli, Sesto Castagnoli
Full Feature, Kosmos Journal SPRING | SUMMER 2017

In February 2016, we started out on a pilgrimage—one with no time limit. Beforehand, we had given away all our possessions except the contents of our two rucksacks. …

We ask strangers in the street, in a café, or in front of their homes if we can stay with them. Some people ask their friends and network if somebody wants to host us for a while. People we hardly know will ask us if we want to live in their house for a few weeks while they are away.

Pilgrimage: A Path of Practice for the New Activism

Full Feature, Kosmos Journal SPRING | SUMMER 2017

By Valerie Brown

It was a long day on El Camino, The Way of Saint James, the famed thousand-year old pilgrimage route across the north of Spain. I set out at daybreak and now the sun was setting low on the dusty hills. As I rounded the final bend of the day, my backpack and boots heavy, feeling leaden, a local man walking his dog greeted me from the far side of the field, ‘Ultreia!’ he said, ‘Ultreia!’1

Pilgrimage is a universal phenomenon. It describes a journey to a sacred place in search of meaning and purpose, an inner and outer journey. It is a metaphor for the physical, spiritual, and emotional effort to reach the pilgrim’s goal and points to the human spiritual journey of life, full of sacrifice, regrets, joys, and mystery.

The Monastery Within | Journeys on the ‘Gaia Circuit’

By Rhonda Fabian

‘Spiritual retreats, yoga and wellness centers, ashrams, many faith communities, and secular places of goodwill everywhere are part of a network of interlinking pathways – a Gaia Circuit that includes intentional communities like ecovillages, community-based farms and gardens, permaculture sites, Transition Towns, certain institutes, arts collectives and sacred spaces all working to remind us of our true nature – to share and live in resilient harmony with each other and the Earth.’

And I do believe this glowing web, this jewel-like network is slowly becoming self-aware.’

Digital Nomads and Community in the Modern Age

By Cynthia Tina

In times of globalisation, community does not only connect people who physically live together.

An ecovillage is nothing new. Throughout history communities of people have lived lightly on the same piece of land, sharing skills and resources, celebrating their culture and values. With the advent of agriculture, these villages have increasingly rooted to a single geographical area. The majority of people are settled, yet there has always been a distinct minority on the move. In various cultures these are the traders, sailors, gypsies, bards, messengers, explorers, philosophers, actors, pilgrims, tourists and doctors – the nomads.

Journey of a Global Nomad: Breaking Down and Breaking Through

By Vanessa D. Fisher
A look back, from Kosmos Journal FALL | WINTER 2012

I am a young woman currently on a global pilgrimage—a philosophical, cultural, and spiritual inquiry that is deeply intertwined with the engagements of everyday life.