Standing at the Water’s Edge
January 10, 2017 Kosmos Community News

Unheard Invitations: Piercing the Veil Between Species

By Susan Eirich
Kosmos Journal, FALL | WINTER 2016

We can’t be reminded enough of how much beauty there is all around us—we who are so often too rushed or numbed or worried to see it and to feel the ease that it brings. In Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, John O’Donohue wrote, “Beauty is made to seem naïve and romantic (but) much of the stress and emptiness that haunts us can be traced back to our lack of attention to beauty. The Beautiful offers us an invitation to order, coherence and unity… we feel most alive in it’s presence for it meets the needs of our soul.”

Editorial | New Directions for Kosmos

In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

By Nancy Roof, Editor

A recent question really got me thinking. Since 2001, Kosmos’ integral, evolutionary approach has informed, inspired, and engaged personal, institutional, and global transformation. How has the direction changed during those 16 years?

Imago Integralis: The Aesthetics of Integral Life

By Alexander Schieffer
In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

This article introduces a new integral perspective on life and provides clues of what it might mean to live life as a contribution to the cultural renewal, aesthetic unfolding, and holistic development of self and society, community and institutions, people and planet.

It is rooted in over a decade of developing, together with Ronnie Lessem and a growing network of global co-creators, the Integral Worlds approach with numerous applications worldwide. Despite many successes, we witness a growing urge, need, and longing to move further beyond a cognitive understanding towards full-fledged ‘enlivenment’ and embodiment of integral life. We begin with a brief review on ‘life’ and on ‘integral.’

Monument to Forgiveness | A Soul’s Invitation to All Our Ancestors

By Francis Jansen
In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

As a Dutch-born immigrant and artist, one of my Spirit-driven endeavors is to acknowledge the perpetration of violence by my forefathers, other Europeans, and non-Native ancestors through the inspired visionary sculpture that I call the Monument to Forgiveness. The image of the Monument and the messages engraved on its base are a gesture and petition for forgiveness. They are intended to bring compassionate awareness to places on the planet where the imprint of pain and suffering has occurred due to ‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man’ and to support the healing of that imprint.

Conscious Evolution: A Metaphysical Task

By Joni Carley

In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

“The yin/yang lens offers a conceptual framework for exploring the causality and metaphysics of conscious evolution. Just like positive and negative electrical charges in a wall outlet, yin and yang are distinct poles of unseen forces that, when consciously managed, yield power that is as formidable as it is neutral. We understand a lot about being causal with electricity and much less about causality with metaphysical currency.”

Tulsa Family Enables Kosmos to Give an Extra Seed Grant – One Year Later

Last year at this time, we were so thrilled when the Bailey J & Kellner Siegfried family contacted us with amazing news. They had learned that Kosmos awards Seed Grants of $2500 each year to people and organizations working at the glowing edge of transformation. They wanted to offer an entire Seed Grant on behalf of their family! Their generosity enabled us to give an extra Seed Grant last year and inspired us to create opportunities for others who are interested in supporting transformational change, to give.