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October 6, 2015 Kosmos Community News

Celebrating Kosmos Editor, Nancy Roof

We gathered outside Nancy Roof”s lovely home in Lenox Massachusetts to surprise her on her birthday. The light was already golden and it felt like the last glimmer of summer. What a week! Many of Nancy’s friends are lifelong peacebuilders and had driven from New York following numerous International Week of Peace events and responsibilities. The Pope was wrapping up his tour; a full moon was rising.

Dot Maver and Peacebuilding at Kosmos

Throughout the past year, we have been active in the field of peacebuilding, thanks in large part to Kosmos Project Director Dot Maver. She is an educator and peacebuilder whose work is known on the local, national and global levels as peacebuilding emerges into mainstream, through the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office, Ministries and Departments of Peace in at least four countries, Offices of Peace at the government level, Peace Research and Training Institutes, over 400 peace studies programs at universities and colleges, and more.

Five Insights about Global Transformation from the Kosmos Study, Connecting for Change

By Rhonda Fabian

Last year, Kosmos commissioned a communication research study to better understand an emerging global movement and how groups within the movement could connect effectively. Led by Kosmos Digital Editor Rhonda Fabian and Jen Horner, PhD, both alumni of the Anneneberg School for Communication, the study was shared widely with the Kosmos community and remains one of the most-read features on our website.

Here we summarize the key insights from the study.

Kosmos Seed Grant to UniTED facilitates camp for 100 Ugandan youth leaders

By Marco Mills

In August 2015, after receiving a generous seed grant from Kosmos, we were able to run our first training camp for ‘Uniters’ on the shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda. This brought together students from across Uganda to learn new skills for leading community organizing, empowering student social action, and facilitating global collaborations in order that they return to their respective university campuses to lead UniTED Groups as ‘Uniters’. Our ambition at the outset, therefore, was to create a new generation of global changemakers.

Kosmos Seed Grant to Harlem Grown inspires little urban garderners

Harlem Grown has had an exciting few months, our 131 Street Garden has been thriving! We were able to use our Kosmos Seed Grant to help purchase tools and plants for the new space as well as provide over 30 children, ages 5 to 14 with T-shirts and snacks for our sensational summer program. They participated in classes that included photography, HTML, cooking, gardening and nutrition to name a few.

Meet Our Kosmos Global Ambassadors

Kosmos Global Ambassadors have been an active group of global citizens for close to ten years. They are dedicated to global transformation in harmony with all life and help with the distribution of Kosmos Journal around the world.
Our growing team is based both in the United States and abroad, and contributes to the growth of Kosmos Journal and its mission by promoting Kosmos Journal and the message of Kosmos through articles, speaking engagements, interviews, introductions, conferences, and more.

Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Program

The 2nd annual Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Program is now being offered by The Global Citizens’ Initiative.

This online 8-week certificate course is called Fundamentals of Global Citizenship. It is intended to build the global citizen leadership skills of young and mid-level development professionals in government, international agencies, and business, professional or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).