Opening Up to the World as It Is
September 22, 2015 Kosmos Community News

Current events in contemplative practice

by Stefan Haefliger, from the blog

“Looking is an act of creation as is listening, feeling, smelling, sensing. We can interact with each other and see what others see, we can challenge each others’ interpretations and we can engage with the world. In order to do this, however, we need to look, open up, take in, probe and question. The creative process shapes how the world looks like, within us and around us. Only by probing which facts are relevant and why, what they mean and for who can we begin to build a world in which we want to live. “

Kosmos Co-sponsored Event | Anchoring the Spirit of Peace

by Dot Maver, PhD

Each year on September 21st, the UN International Day of Peace (IDP) calls for a ceasefire around the world as we recognize our shared responsibility to build infrastructures for peace – in our hearts and in our world – in order to live in harmonious relationship with self, others and all life.

In honor of the 2015 IDP with the theme “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All,” Kosmos Journal co-sponsored a gathering at the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City on Sunday, September 20th.

‘5 Minutes a Day’ – a meditation for receiving global news

A special practice developed and offered by Thomas Hübl and

“How can I learn to receive the world as it is? How can I become more responsible as a consumer, citizen, human being? To support the building of a growing interior space in us, we’re setting up a small but regular feed of news designed to let the world touch us and take place when it is difficult, cruel, and challenging.

We invite you to a simple, everyday practice, which has the potential to enable you to receive the world news not only intellectually, but also emotionally and physically, in other words as a whole human being.

All you need is to set aside 5 minutes and do the following:”

Finding Awe in the Ordinary

by Roselle Kovitz, from the Fetzer Institute blog

“In just a few square feet in any direction in my neighborhood, there is much to inspire awe. An old brick building, whose walls have witnessed generations of workers from this Scandinavian seafaring community, reminds me of those that came before me and those who will walk these streets long after I’m gone. A father carrying his infant daughter, heart to heart, through the Sunday farmer’s market, touches me with how precious, tender, and, yes, ordinary it is.”

Reader’s Essay | Three Ways to Tell You’re Part of a Global Transformation

by Kosmos Reader, Chris Taylor

How do you know you’re living through a major global transformation – possibly the greatest that humanity has ever seen? Let me try three very different explanations – and see which you find most compelling.