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August 25, 2015 Kosmos Community News

Active Engagement | Beyond the “Like Button”

“In a world where news and information now streams past everyone in an endless torrent, journalism excels when we help people to stop the stream, even for a moment, to consider how they might use our information in their lives. And when the only option we give them is a “like” or “share” button at the end of a story, we fail them.” – Michael Skoler, VP Interactive Media, Public Radio International

Citizen activism key to New Orleans’ revival and future

By Ruthie Frierson, via

Katrina changed everything — and every one of us. More than 80 percent of our city was under water for more than three weeks. Our infrastructure was almost completely destroyed – public facilities, schools, homes and businesses. More than 1,800 of our citizens lost their lives, and many others were displaced.

Why would people return and rebuild homes and businesses if they didn’t feel safe from flooding? To rebuild New Orleans, citizens needed their trust restored.

Building the Empathy Superhighway

By Carla Goldstein, co-founder Omega Women’s Leadership Center

“You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb it into peace.”
– Michael Franti

As a child of the sixties I was practically born marching. I was one of those babies in a stroller with a slogan sign around it, and as I grew up my feet replaced the wheels. I have marched as a group of two and in a sea of hundreds of thousands. Regardless of the demonstration size, being with others shouting in unison for what I believed in always left me with feelings of hope and strength. I thought that if enough of us screamed long enough we could be the tipping point that created peace and equality in the world.

Online Course | “Planetary boundaries and human opportunities” open for enrollment

“This is a course that is so valuable that I will retake it. It is taught by one of the leading planetary stewards, Johan Rockström, founder of Planetary Boundaries.” – Nancy Roof, Editor, Kosmos Journal

On Monday 14 September the second edition of the massive open online course (MOOC) on the state of the planet will be launched by the Stockholm Resilience Centre in partnership with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Education Initiative (SDSN EDU).

Summer of Peace Events | Subtle Activism Summit and more

Kosmos will co-sponsor a reception at the Nicholas Roerich Museum Sunday September 20th at 7 pm in NYC honoring the International Day of Peace.

The reception follows the IDP event in Central Park Sunday afternoon and on Monday morning there is a Youth Observance at the United Nations. The 2015 IDP theme is Partnerships for Peace ~ Dignity for All.

Roerich Pact and the Banner Of Peace

Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, and philosopher, Nicholas Roerich was involved throughout his career with the problems of cultural preservation. From an early age, when, as a teen-age amateur archeologist in the north of Russia, he unearthed rare and beautiful ancient artifacts, he realized that the best products of humanity’s creative genius were almost always neglected, or even destroyed, by humanity itself.