Kosmos 2015 Seed Grants – Official Announcement
April 7, 2015 Kosmos Community News

2015 Kosmos Seed Grant Recipient – Harlem Grown

“We are very grateful to be a recipient of one of Kosmos Journal’s first seed grants. Working with youth ages 5 to 15, we create urban farms in Harlem that are home to educational and mentor-based programs. Our work is based on community and partnerships: we cannot do it alone. This Seed Grant from Kosmos will allow us to develop the 131st Street Garden into a thriving educational space.”

– Tony Hillery, Executive Director/Founder HARLEM GROWN

2015 Kosmos Seed Grant Recipient – UniTED

“We are delighted to be working with Kosmos to further this mission of global transformation through friendship. The inaugural Seed Grant will support our first UniTED world training camp, bringing together more than 100 Uniters face-to-face in Uganda this August. We look forward to sharing the journey with Kosmos and demonstrating how hope emerges through the friendships and collaboration of young people addressing the global challenges we face in our own communities. In doing so, we feel we have something to contribute to the emerging world community as well.”

– Vicky Clayton, UniTED Trustee and Co-founder

The Kosmos Shortlist: 2015 Projects of Promise

As part of our 2015 Seed Grant Initiative, Kosmos has selected five additional projects that demonstrate special promise and align with our mission. We will follow these projects closely in the year ahead, offering editorial and other forms of support.

Meet our Five 2015 Projects of Promise.

Seeds of a New Activism: Six Stories that No Longer Serve Us and What’s Next

By Micha Narberhaus, in the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

“For civil society to become a decisive actor towards a transition to a new economic system, many more activists and change agents are needed for this journey. The game has to be raised to grow and spread the seeds of a new civil society that is emerging.”