“We see furthest in the dark”
December 16, 2014 Kosmos Community News

Planting Seeds of Peace in Liberia

By Cynthia Jurs

The story I want to share with you is a story of determination, courage, and collective action begun by the women of Liberia that has catalyzed the transformation of a country in seemingly unimaginable ways. In a culture whose fabric was all but destroyed by war, this story is about ending violence and building peace, guided by heartfelt prayers and intentions that manifest in action. The story reveals how a former Army soldier who became a combatant in the rebel forces during the war is helping ignite a grassroots effort to renew traditional Peace Huts and collectively strengthen a nation’s commitment to healing and reconciliation.

INTERVIEW Shaun Chamberlin on ‘Dark Optimism’ and the power of grief

“I don’t think grief is a process that ends. I think it’s a relationship that continues throughout your life. I found over the past few years that when I reflect on and write about my personal grief, there’s a very strong correlation between that and the grief that many of us carry, maybe all of us carry, for the state of the world and the state of nature and the state of our society.” – Shaun Chamberlin

VIDEO A Conversation with Dot Maver – On Leadership

Dr. Dot Maver, Kosmos Project Director and lifelong peacebuilder, offers her thoughts about emerging models of leadership and our shared responsibility to master new forms of cooperation and co-creation in service to a more peaceful future.

Kosmos webinar with John Stanmeyer, “Illuminating”

“We all are Custodians of information, we all have something that’s important to give and share with the world. And now we are all publishers.” – John Stanmeyer

John Stanmeyer is a visionary leader and world-renowned professional photographer who offered a unique perspective on some of the major issues of our time through his photojournalism on Sunday December 14, 2014 as Kosmos Journal hosted a webinar at the Shaker Dam Coffee House and Stanmeyer Gallery in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts USA.

BOOK Sacred Seed: A Collection of Essays

The book of essays, Sacred Seed, with an introduction by Vandana Shiva, is a meditation. Each essay draws on wisdom both ancient and modern to remind us that all life, and its renewal, begins and ends in the seed. “Tenderly composed of original writings and vibrant photos, this book bears witness that the Earth is alive, and establishes that only by working together with the Earth—with its wonder and mystery—can we help in its healing and regeneration and once again bring meaning back into the world.”

A ‘global call’ from our friends at Share the World’s Resources (STWR)

By Share The World’s Resources (STWR)

Given that a call for sharing is already a fundamental (if often unacknowledged) demand of engaged citizens and progressive organisations, there is every reason why we should embrace this common cause that unites us all.

If you agree with the need to catalyse a global movement of citizens that embrace sharing as a common cause, please sign and promote STWR’s campaign statement. By joining this ‘global call’, any individual or organisation can influence the development of this emerging theme and vision, and help spark public awareness and a wider debate on the importance of sharing in economic and political terms.