Spring | Summer 2004

Reflecting on the Essential Questions

Who Makes Decisions for Humanity?

Cooperative Global Politics

by Abdul Aziz Said

What a different world we would live in if sovereign nations would cooperate.
Learn how international relations can be transformed by an
experienced international consultant in the frontlines of global politics.

The Global Players

by Rinaldo Brutoco

Who makes decisions for humanity? Learn about the three major forces that
determine humanity’s future by the President of the World Business Academy.
The President of the World Business Academy tells how you can become a player
in the growing shared power of global affairs.
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A Fork in the Road with No Signposts

by Richard Falk

The whole world today is waiting to see what countervailing forces
will arise to meet the most powerful country in the world. The former
honored Professor of International Law at Princeton University offers
an expert critique of three different interpretations of American
Empire: Jim Garrison, Zbigniew Brezinski and Falk himself.

Transforming our Institutions to Reflect our Highest Values

Eyes Wide Shut: The Media and Business Ethics

by John Defterios

A leading business journalist and media anchor on CNN, John tells us the
inside story of how media affects current affairs. We are alerted to the
imperative need to monitor the media, especially with the recent exposure of
the New York Times role in precipitating the Iraq War.

Spirituality in Higher Education: An Integrative View

by David K. Scott

The former Chancellor of University of Massachusetts has become a leading
edge voice for change in higher education through his innovative ideas and
integral approach. Learn how we can support the type of higher education that
enriches both the inner and outer life. Read now

Nature as Teacher and Transformer

Let the beauty we love be what we do
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground


Can We Transform Ourselves to Meet Global Challenges?

Awakening Global Consciousness

by Ashok Gangadean

Co-Convener of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and
Spirituality, Ashok shares with us conclusions from his lifetime work
in consciousness as the basis for our global conflicts today and how
they can be overcome with changes in the way we perceive reality.

Presence, Peter Senge at al Book Reveiw

by Surinder Deol

Surinder captures the spirit and wisdom of the pioneering endeavor
by Senge and team to bring mindfulness to a somewhat reluctant
community. There is a lot to learn in discovering unused faculties
that drive the creative process.

Are We Measuring What is Important?

Spiritual Intelligence: Why it is Important

by Cindy Wigglesworth

Many of us are familiar with the importance of emotional
intelligence, but have yet to discover how spiritual intelligence
effects everything we do as well as our ability to deal with the
outside world. In her groundbreaking research Cindy tells us how
spiritual intelligence changes us and the world.

Gross National Happiness

by Rajni Bakshi

Westerners have measured the well being of society by gross national product, whereas Bhutan measures it by basic Buddhist principles of Happiness. Rajni attended the Gross National Happiness Conference from her homeland in India and shares with us her impression of the two ways of approaching well-being.

Gross International Happiness Network

by Sander Tideman

Sander writes from a wealth of experience living in Eastern and
Western cultures and co-authoring a book with the Dalai Lama on
business ethics and economics. A man of distinction, he is Co-Founder
of Spirituality in Business and Founder of the Gross International
Happiness Network.

Can We Make A Difference?

Societal Revolutions in the 21st Century

by Nicanor Perlas

As we watch our first worldwide gatherings for peace replacing the
sometimes chaotic styles of the past, we wonder if they are having any
effect. Nicanor Perlas, an award-winning giant in the world of
international civil society, inspires our participation in a new kind
of societal revolution that may be the only effective way to change
the world for the better.

The Rama Vernon Story

by Rama Vernon

We honor this magnificent woman who has influenced history with her
own commitment to inner peace. Traveling to the Soviet Union 57 times
during the Cold War and now in Afghanistan to bring cultures together,
she has made the kind of global difference that only a heart full of
love can offer. Read now

The Global Players


What started out as an interview with Rinaldo Brutoco by Nancy Roof turned into a full-scale article. Rinaldo was so […]

Spirituality in Higher Education


In spite of all the difficulties and dangers in the world today, and perhaps in response to them, a movement is underway towards transformation in nations and institutions. This movement will lead to an enhanced capacity for integrating different perspectives and ideas, in contrast to the extreme fragmentation and competition currently dominating much of our thinking.