Spring | Summer 2002

Post 9/11

  • Religion and the September 11 Attacks by Richard Falk
  • Moving Towards a Transnational Consciousness by Abdul Aziz Said
  • The Genetic Code of Socio-Economic Development by Alfredo Sfeir-Younis
  • After 9/11 | Paths to Peace – Patricia Mische
  • Spirituality and Reality by Nancy Roof
  • Crossing The Divide, Book Review by Giandomenico Picco

Note: This issue sold as a set with Fall | Winter 2001 and Fall | Winter 2002.

After 9/11 – Paths to Peace


The shocks of 9/11 still reverberate within and around us. Who cannot feel them? I lived in New York for many years and love this city for its rich diversity of peoples, its energy, creativity, and fly-in-the face honesty. My youngest daughter was born near ground zero. As a college student she spent 6 months in Jerusalem, listening to Jews, Muslims and Christians on all sides of the Middle East conflict and exploring nonviolent solutions.