Pash Galbavy

Pash Galbavy has a Masters’ Degree in Communication Studies. Her thesis focused on interpersonal relations in groups, appreciative inquiry, and self esteem. She trained extensively in using the Person-Centered Approach in groups with Peggy Natiello, a prodigy of Carl Rogers–considered the father of humanistic psychology. Pash has initiated and facilitated various short and long term groups in Australia and America. She is also co-creator of the UnMasKit!, a first of its kind environmentally friendly mask making kit.

Pash was introduced to mask making by Los Angeles psychologist Liza Hughes, who utilized the Voice Dialogue methods of Hal and Sidra Stone, with mask work. Pash honed some of her mask making skills through a friendship with artist and master mask maker Liz Learmont, in Sedona, AZ. She studied expressive arts with Natalie Rogers at the Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute in Northern California. She also studied a variety of alternative art, dance, and movement forms including butoh, contact improvisation, 5-Rhythms, and Authentic Movement. She teaches mask making, contact improvisation and expressive movement. She was a member of the original Sedona Playback Theater troupe, and MENding Dialogues and other improvisational theater groups.

She is also a massage practitioner, prize-winning writer and author, graphic designer, and artist’s model.

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