Molly Rowan Leach

Molly Rowan Leach is an American-born Peace Activist and Restorative Justice expert and is the Global Restorative Justice Fellow of The Peace Alliance. She is co-producer and host of Restorative Justice on The Rise, a national platform and live series in its second year featuring key voices in the justice movement and poignant conversations with Internationally acclaimed leaders such as Michelle Alexander (The New Jim Crow).

Her personal story informs her passion for raising the bar of awareness and education in Restorative justice. Ms. Leach’s mother has been incarcerated in Idaho for close to 15 years. Witness to continued systemic atrocities, her work platforms the response that Restorative justice offers in a poignant time of for-profit prisons and systemic failure across the board.

From Punitive to Restorative Justice


Restorative justice is nothing new–global indigenous peoples and those in peripheral societies have practiced it for ages. It is critical to understand the essence of restorative justice as an opportunity for all involved, not as a forced system or means to an end.