Johannes Holzer

Johannes Holzer

I work as an IT Consultant and travel most of the time between Munich and Basel.

Whenever I get the chance to take pictures I take my bag and explore new places for landscape photography in my region “Alpenwelt Karwendel.“ Since the Spring of 2016 nightscape photography has been my love. Whenever there is a clear sky I try to capture the Milky Way or other fantastic constellations in combination with the landscape. I Started in January 2016 with Photography mainly to capture my 2 and 4 year old boys. Now I spend more time to protect my Photographer equipment than take pictures from the boys!

In March last year I created a Facebook site, “karwendelbilder,“  where I uploaded nightscapes. After this I was published in UK, Germany, Australia, US and several other countries in a several magazines.

Planning and preparation are very important for me. Sometimes I visit the planned spot 20 times before I take the potential picture. All my images are real constellations and usually it takes around 3-4 hours of the night to capture enough light to have the perfect picture.

Natural Beauty


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