Spring | Summer 2008

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two | Scott Peck

planet | Joshua Simpson

one | Water Voices from Around The World |
William E. Marks

three | Nicholas Roerich
Spring | Summer 2008
Editorial Read
Feature Articles | Awakening
Collective Mind and Heart
Connecting Our Conversations |
Becoming Wiser Together
George Pór Read
Collective Wisdom as a Field
of Study and Practice
Alan Briskin
Community and Conscious
Evolution | A Contemplation
Terri O’Fallon
Collective Bodhisattvas
Jean-François Noubel
Collaborative Creativity |
Research and Trends
Robert Kenny
Feature Articles | Connecting
Across Borders
Collaboration | Shaping Tomorrow
Juanita Brown, David Isaacs,
Samantha Tan 
Divine Duality |
Reconciliation Between Women and Men
Will Keepin, Cynthia Brix
The Rise of Public Insight
Journalism | From Priesthood to Partnership
Michael Skoler
Peer to Peer | The New
Relational Dynamic
Michel Bauwens
Feature Articles | Evolving
Toward Planetary Wholeness
Evolution Toward Global
John Stewart
An Evolutionary Vision for
Democracy | Toward the Voice of the Whole
Tom Atlee
Archetypes of Humanity’s
Collective Future
Duane Elgin
Glass Planet
art by Joshua Simpson
Participatory Partnerships for
Sustainability | An Interview
Peggy Dulany by Caroline
Making the Great Adjustment |
Coalition for the Global Commons
James B. Quilligan Read
Feature Articles | Embracing
All Life
Unconditional Love | My Dog
Annie Brody
Inspiration from Invisible
Steve Nation
Water Voices from
Around The World
William E. Marks

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