Global Ambassadors

Why I am a Kosmos Global Ambassador

I learned about Kosmos and the spirit of Creating the New Civilization for the Common Good from another Kosmos Ambassador. I am deeply interested in the common good of humanity and all living entities on our earth. My global volunteerism has afforded me the life lesson that we can create a better world, even as I witness injustice and inequity. I became intrigued by the mission and goals of Kosmos that include such global capacity building tenets as greenkeeping governance, the common theory of value, global peace, and equity in the use and preservation of global resources to perpetuate harmony and beauty in our world. 

My intrigue grew as I explored and learned more of the essence of the contributions by individuals and communities related to the Kosmos mission globally. Curiosity led to intrigue and then grew to a sincere interest in earning the privilege of becoming a Kosmos Ambassador. I value partnerships with the many wonderful human beings I come in contact with globally. A significant tenet in true partnerships is sharing knowledge; exchanging ideas and energies towards the common goals most humans value in all corners of the globe.  Partnerships lead towards communities of impassioned people to cooperate, collaborate, communicate and concentrate on efforts to improve the common good globally.  

I participate in such partnerships and I believe being a Kosmos Global Ambassador offers me the opportunity to create dialogue and share the Kosmos philosophy in the spirit of human cohesion and connectedness through continuous learning. Sharing the Kosmos message to my global partners and friends offers another method of honoring the cultural differences globally while simultaneously perpetuating a common set of values for peace, harmony, preservation of our worldly resources, equity in healthcare and resource allocation, learning and growing opportunities with the common goal of improving the human experience.   

I have the honor and privilege of creating partnerships in my volunteer work. Serving my fellow global partners in many resource-poor regions of the world offers me the opportunity to share Kosmos Journal and its messages—“The Spiritual Dimensions of Sharing,” “The Great Coming Together,” “Toward a Common Theory of Value,” “Revolution in Values.”  The beauty of the photography and art in the Kosmos Galleries is truly humbling. I will be distributing Kosmos in Costa Rica, Kenya and Ghana this Spring.

I also teach global health ethics and global health issues courses to doctoral students.  I share the Kosmos message with them as well. My long-term hope and goal is to introduce the Kosmos message in all I do and with those I meet and collaborate with who possess similar values in equity, true freedom, compassion, caring, global community, gender equality, and non-violence. Those I teach who are drawn to global health do share those beliefs. The hope is they spread the word, to inform, to enlighten and to act on those efforts needed to transform our globe to one of solidarity and justice.I am grateful that a Kosmos Global Ambassador took the time and effort to share, teach and educate me to the mission and work of all those who contribute to the Kosmos message!  Now it is my turn to do so for others… 

Thomas DiDonna, DHSc, MSN, RN, is a registered nurse having earned a master’s degree in nursing science and a doctorate degree in health sciences with a focus on global health. His passion is international humanitarian volunteerism and the partnerships he develops when providing education and training in resource poor countries.