Culture, Global Citizenship

My Experience in the Slums of Kibera, Nairobi

Several years ago I made a critical decision in my life to leave my comfortable home in the suburbs of New York City and travel to Kenya with an organization called Cross Cultural Thresholds for a five-day work trip in the slums of Nairobi.

Cross Cultural Thresholds is an organization dedicated to working with local grassroots leaders focused on the education, care, health and hopes of the poorest of the poor and the voiceless—the children who struggle every day to scrounge some bits of food to fill the unquenchable hole of hunger. In these slums, food is the first priority, safety is the second, lodging is the third and education is an afterthought. Cross Cultural Thresholds identifies and works with those few leaders who have managed to find their way out of this deep despair to look back and, with unimaginable determination and vision against all odds, try to bring others along with them. 

This article can be found in the Spring | Summer 2012 issue of Kosmos Journal or may be downloaded as a PDF here.