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Kosmos Goes to Mustang: The Cutting Edge of a New Civilization Greets Ancient Buddhist Wisdom

The Kingdom of Mustang, one of the last remaining sanctuaries of ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture, is located on the north-central border of Nepal and Tibet. From September 15 to October 1, 2010, a small group of trekkers will follow the ancient trails of trade marked by mani walls, chortens and monasteries on our way to Lo Manthang, the walled capital of Mustang, where the King of Mustang continues to reign over this tiny Tibetan Buddhist kingdom.

Untouched by modern civilization, Mustang is known as the last true Shangri-la. Mustang’s rugged mountainous moonscape and mysterious culture have been open to outside visitors only since 1991 and only by group permit. Our journey will take us back nearly 400 years in the cultural history of this isolated region. Recent restorations of the 15th century monasteries of Lo Manthang and other sacred sites have revived the culture of the people who continue to follow their traditional ways of life. We will experience the spectacular beauty of the high Himalayas and the stark red-rock ChhoseCaves near the Tibetan border.

The trek will be co-led by Rinzin Sherpa of Kathmandu, Nepal, who has 25 years of trekking leadership in the Himalayan Mountains, and Tara Stuart, Kosmos Board of Directors, Walpole, NH. Several people affilliated with Kosmos Journal are taking this cultural journey and will be carrying copies to give away. 

Editors Note: This trek was completed in October 2010.

This article was originally published in the Spring | Summer 2010 issue of Kosmos Journal.