Global Ambassadors

Kosmos Global Ambassador Program

Kosmos is pleased to announce our Global Ambassador program, a new outreach to educate and empower people to become socially engaged for the global common good. This small but growing group of volunteers—all international travelers in their careers—use our journal to start conversations and inspire others to contribute to the global commons movement. Much more than magazine distribution, this program is about sharing the hopefulness of a new world community. As you will see below, Ambassadors serve in their own unique ways, wherever their paths go. 

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Tara Stuart is a world citizen who has been an educator, speaker, author, illustrator and CEO of her own business. Now Professor Emeritus of Communication, she has taught many courses in Psychosynthesis, Intercultural Communication and Ethics. 

The global voice of Kosmos Journal is being heard throughout the world. Through living, working and traveling in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North and South America, I have found that the values, ideas and beauty of Kosmos transcend cultural boundaries and connect people everywhere.

Ten people from Europe, South Africa, Canada and the United States drove the ancient Silk Road from Istanbul, Turkey to Beijing, China. While driving through Iran, we stopped at the 14th century, venerated high-domed tomb of Soltanich. I walked through the dusty rays of sunlight that penetrated the shadowy gloom. A group of around 20 teenage boys and their teacher, Nighammad Zamani, suddenly seemed to surround me. It was clear that I was the first American the students had ever met. Questions flew. Following the personal ones of age, husband, children, house, and was I an actress, they asked about the world. We talked about what they wanted to do in their lives, about their hopes, dreams and values. The tomb vibrated with their lively enthusiasm. I spoke with Mr. Zamani about Kosmos and gave him a copy. He planned to translate articles and share the global journal with his students and fellow teachers.

From this Silk Road journey, Kosmos Journal is also with a historian and politician in Turkmenistan, a tour leader in Uzbekistan, the Headmistress and English teachers at Beijing Chang Ping # 1 High School, and many others.

On another journey through the Gulf of Akaba on the ship Athena, the Captain, First Mate and I talked one evening on the bridge as we sailed toward the Red Sea. Some of the ideas expressed in Kosmos articles extended our discussion.

Nimdiki Sherpa, the Founder and Principal of a Montessori School in Kathmandu, Nepal, uses Kosmos articles in her faculty meetings. An Egyptian tour director now reads Kosmos. In Cape Town, South Africa, Birthe Taylor shares Kosmos.

These little groups of Kosmos readers everywhere in the world are not isolated fan clubs. They represent unknown numbers who pass journals from hand to hand because of a desire for their integral global wisdom. Again and again through my extended travel, I encounter widespread awareness that global concerns and responsibilities are real in people’s minds and hearts. I often have the opportunity to introduce Kosmos to new readers and find that those with English language skills are often eager to translate articles for others.

The global voice and service of Kosmos is a powerful influence in supporting people everywhere as they contribute to building the new civilization.

Susan Cavanagh is an executive coach who is committed to integrity in business on a global scale. She is the President of SummitSpeak….All Leaders Rise, a global leadership and professional development corporation (

As my work takes me around the world, I am committed to raising awareness and putting a spotlight on the UN Millennium Development Goals, the Earth Charter, new role models that are being the change, and Kosmos Journal. Wherever I go, Kosmos is right there with me. It is truly a privilege to be amongst those pioneering this ambassador role.

Kosmos Journal exemplifies a role model for journalism. The content is rich and there is no commercial advertising. It is one-stop shopping for wisdom leaders! The aesthetics, which attracted me originally, are second to none. I happened across Kosmos one day in a bookstore—the exquisite cover captured my attention. I bought this first copy and immediately read it from cover to cover. I knew I had come across a treasure chest and soon ordered every back issue.

Kosmos enriches me personally and I joyfully incorporate it into my work wherever I can—through my Internet radio program, creation of a wisdom CD series, and conscious merging into my professional and leadership development events. I added my ambassadorship to my business cards and mention Kosmos in many conversations. I invited Kosmos founder Nancy Roof to be a guest on my radio program—to promote her as a role model for women and the media and to bring awareness to the journal itself. All of this has unfolded seamlessly and naturally because I passionately believe in what Kosmos represents.

I always have a supply of Kosmos on hand to strategically pass them out to every client that I work with as an executive coach and to those I meet at various speaking engagements and conferences whom I believe will generate a further ripple. I am hopeful. Consciousness and awareness are rising. People are embracing 
global citizenship. Action is replacing rhetoric.

I work with many business leaders who are committed to making major transformational changes in who they are. They now lead in a way that gives themselves and their organizations a sense of higher purpose. When the leader has a sense of higher purpose, it opens the door for the rest. Imagine the effect of one person’s life. Every one of us has an impact on our planet, and that impact has the capability to be so far reaching and profound. We can indirectly touch generations to come.

Being a Global Ambassador has enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined and I look forward to working with others as we move Kosmos further and further and further…

This article originally appeared in the Spring|Summer 2010 issue of Kosmos Journal.