Introduction to an Integral Approach

The reality of historic events forces a complex challenge on humanity: how
to move towards a global future that integrates our various worldviews,
without affecting or destroying all living species, including ourselves. We
suggest that the following four areas of concern are the interdependent
elements of an unfolding organic whole necessary for shaping such a future.

Global Reality and Global Governance. This section presents leading edge
thinking on global realities — global trends, global agenda, and global
governance. We address the relationship between global institutions,
transnational corporations and international civil society, and also the
role each plays in shaping our global future.

Integral Worldview and Global Values. How can we achieve wholeness in our
lives with peace, justice and mutual flourishing if we see the world
through different lenses and filters that give differing meaning and
significance to objective reality? The leading edge thinkers such as Don
Beck, Spiral Dynamics Integral, and Ken Wilber help us understand the
clashing core values and worldviews underlying surface conflicts that can
lead to violence. We encourage education, media, religious institutions and
all fields of human endeavor, to consider global values from an integral

Global Spirituality and Global Consciousness. What kinds of spirituality
and consciousness are needed for a globalized world and how can we
transform ourselves to fully participate? Our concern is to find those
practices that free us from the limitations of cultural conditioning, that
address the management of anger, aggression and fear, that lead us towards
the solidarity of all humanity, and that tap into the universal field where
the experience of the web of life becomes a reality.

Global Activism. In this section you will find remarkable stories of
individuals who have made a difference in global affairs through their own
initiative. In addition, we present articles that demonstrate how mobilized
public opinion and collective global activism are the most powerful forces
for global transformation. We encourage all people to be empowered and
engaged in shaping a global future for the common good.

Integral worldview