gallery three | Engaging Through Beauty

My Aqueous work, color and ink underwater, started out as a personal project in 2005. At that time, I was a fashion and portrait photographer and it was originally just a bit of fun during some downtime. The images were so nice and so well received that I decided to do another series about a year later. With the help of the Internet, it all went crazy, and since then I have become known for doing this kind of work. I now specialise in shooting liquids. I shoot for advertising and design companies, as well as trying to produce at least one personal series a year. It’s quite a laborious process, but the images make it worthwhile. I really enjoy creating different worlds with my images. It’s fascinating to hear people say what they see in them—they can vary from underwater alien environments to galaxies to strange creatures. It’s a bit like looking at clouds in the sky and seeing different shapes in them. My new work, ‘Aqueous Roses’ and ‘Flowers’, is a bit of a departure from my previous Aqueous work. I specifically set out to create striking floral shapes. The intricate shapes created by the folds and flows of the liquids resemble the petals and spirals of roses and flowers.