Living Earth

gallery four | Natural Beauty

Artist Statement

I love my region, ‘Alpenwelt Karwendel,’ in the southern part of Germany in the Bavarian Alps. I was born there and want to show others my beautiful home and to motivate them to visit the places that I capture on film. All my pictures are from this region. I don’t need to go to special spots all over the world; I have everything I need right here to create my crazy ideas!

Planning and preparation are very important for me. Sometimes I visit the potential spot 20 times before I take the picture. All my images are real constellations and usually it takes around 3-4 hours of the night to capture enough light to have the perfect picture. In the Spring of 2016, I started to capture the Milky Way in combination with the landscape. Since that time, I have not found much time to visit pubs and bars as my photos were published in several magazines all over the world.


Last October, photographer Johannes Holzer braved the winter cold to set up a series of long-exposure shots along the Isar River in Southern Germany. To accomplish the eye-popping view of the Milky Way, a mountainous landscape, and the murky depths of the river, he relied on two cameras to shoot three photos from roughly the same perspective, stitched together here in a final image.