Global Ambassadors

Being a Kosmos Global Ambassador

When the call came out to represent Kosmos globally, I was quick to respond. Probably the immediate draw was the opportunity to support the work of Nancy Roof, Kosmos’ Founding Editor, Art Director and Chief Inspiration Officer. Nancy and I first met in Toronto around 2005 at the World Wisdom Council meetings. I was immediately attracted to her presence, her natural dignity and her vision. We later would run into one another at various events in Washington DC and other locales. I came to know her deep and abiding commitment to serving the global good. She has been successfully serving this commitment for 25 years, through the UN and through the creation of the Kosmos Journal, a first class forum, a journal for an informed public.

Over the years, Kosmos has tackled most of the major issues facing humanity, our planet, and the intricate web of systems: societal, political, educational, economic, governmental, techno- logical, spiritual, etc., that comprise our collective existence on the earth. It has become a sourcebook to which one can turn for information and insight.

With her heightened sense of aesthetics, coupled with her savvy understanding that a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words, Nancy stimulates all our senses by shaping each journal into an enriching, elevating piece of beauty and power. Tapping the contributions of international thought leaders and artists, our minds are expanded, our hearts are aroused and our lives are changed on a regular basis. Kosmos provides a true grit, unvarnished, on- the-ground look at where we are. It observes, it assesses, it interprets, it synthesizes, it challenges. It poses the difficult but right, just and ethical questions that need to be on the top of every thought leader’s, activist’s, CEO’s list of global priorities. It quietly but persistently demands our attention. It requires us to ask our- selves: What matters? What’s missing? What’s next? It calls upon us, the readers, to make alive and activate it’s subtitle by truly becoming: “Global Citizens Creating a Planetary Civilization.”

I am a Leadership Coach with a long-standing commitment to a world of beauty and sustainability that works for all. I coach through a lens of Conscious Evolution, from the perspective that the choices we now make impact our evolution as a species. As a Kosmos Ambassador, I am able to fully represent my own per- sonal and professional world view and trust that I am in service to those to whom I introduce this journal. I have extra copies in my car and in my home. I take them with me in my work, to con- ferences, gatherings, and have been know to gift it to near strangers when I feel called. Thank you, Nancy and Kosmos staff, for affording me this honor and opportunity.

Eve Konstantine, MPH, Conscious Leadership Coach, The Georgetown Coaching Partnership, LLC,

Eve’s article “Being a Kosmos Global Ambassador” can be found in the Fall|Winter 2011 issue of Kosmos Journal.