An Interview with John Räätz, Founder of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment

Räätz: I no longer have a definition of transformational media and
entertainment. When I hear it or see it, I feel it. I instantly know it!
But how can I talk about transformational entertainment or media with
others if I don’t want to adhere to a strict definition of what it is?
What distinguishes a transformational film from an ordinary Hollywood
film, for example? I believe there are a couple of components that help
to distinguish these differences. The first is intention. When the
filmmakers of What the Bleep Do We Know!? set out to make that film,
they did so with a specific intention and agenda. They wanted to share
certain information with the hope and expectation that it would better
the world.The stories that comprise What the Bleep… contain information
related to science and spirituality—so there was a specific intention, a
specific agenda. In ordinary Hollywood films an element of
transformation may be present, but it’s really a part of the story, not
necessarily what drives the creation of the film. Transformation is not
necessarily the primary or overarching theme of the film. So I believe
the element of intentionality is one quality that helps distinguish
transformational entertainment from ordinary entertainment.

The complete interview is available in the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Kosmos Journal.