Global Ambassadors

An Integral Worldview

In 2011, while studying for a master’s degree in Integral Theory at John F. Kennedy University, I started researching businesses and organizations with an integral approach, and that’s when I found this amazing journal. As I read through the pages filled with powerful images and new meanings, I felt hopeful that humanity was already in a process towards a more integral view of the world, of our planet, of all communities—a journal with a vision to support and engage the transition towards a new civilization, in tune with the continuous evolutionary impulse. I found the mission of Kosmos Journal to be in tune with my own passion of creating a new civilization that comes from a higher frequency with expanded consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, and with a creative voice that comes from the heart of wisdom and compassion.

I instantly felt inspired by Kosmos and decided that I wanted to contribute in some way. I got in contact with Nancy Roof and she suggested becoming a Kosmos Global Ambassador. I felt honored and embraced by her warm openness. Since then I’ve been bringing the journals to San Pancho, Nayarit in Mexico to a non-profit organization, Entreamigos (Between Friends,, that focuses on increasing learning opportunities for children and families through the implementation of educational programs based on principles of integration and collective community action. I worked with Entreamigos for two years, collaborating in different areas of the community center, from teaching English to school-age children to supporting teen and young adults in an entrepreneurship program. This organization has a library open for all residents, and I feel that sharing the journals was like planting seeds towards an integral worldview.

My collaboration as a Kosmos Global Ambassador has also included sharing the journals at the transformational workshops I organize in Olympia and Mexico. Participants choose a copy of the journal and we hold discussions related to articles with an inquiry on how to have a positive impact in our communities, our relationships, and in the world more broadly.

More recently, my work with transformational retreats and plant medicine has me traveling to Europe and Canada, so it’s been great to share the journal online with clients and friends. It is beautiful to see how others feel intrigued and inspired by the impressive photography and the innovation and depth of the articles featured in the magazine.

One of the most meaningful ways to be with others is by sharing information that connects and transforms us. By sharing our dreams with others, they become more real, and a significant part for transforming ourselves is dreaming. Kosmos provides an amplitude of insights and opportunities to dream of a new emerging civilization and to share this dreaming with others.

Reflecting back on my first contact with Kosmos and seeing how the relationship has developed and expanded, I feel inspired and empowered. Huge change has happened in five years. In retrospect, I also find my own development and my professional and personal journey have become more clearly defined.

Since I was young, I have been an explorer into the experience of being. A curiosity to deeply experience what it means to be human in this fast-changing world has taken me into exploring extreme sports, plant medicine ceremonies, meditation retreats, and traveling to other countries. The journey towards growth led me to lean into my leading edge. All that I had learned needed to be organized and applied in some way so that I could revolutionize myself and keep exploring.

Through my integral studies, I became knowledgeable of the various dimensions of being as explained by Eastern and Western traditions. During the three-year master’s program, we engaged in multiple practices as part of the curriculum including states of consciousness, developmental stages, multiple intelligences, the individual and collective, and the feminine/masculine energies. This time during my studies was so transformative that it changed me in profound ways.

Once I finished the master’s program, I felt some of me had died and a new birth was taking place. Many inquiries were arising in me. The next few years have been an amazing discovery of life unfolding in magical ways as I delve into my passion. I see how the steps I’ve taken led me to where I am at each moment grounded in the true, the good, and the beautiful. The thinking from Kosmos has accompanied and supported me in this process.

By means of my coaching, craniosacral massage, and plant medicine work, I feel graced with experiencing different healing modes. I am inspired by transformation and healing happening in my clients. Each of the practices requires a certain state of being that engages various ways of unfoldment in the world.

Being a Global Ambassador means that I can share the wisdom and magical happenings of world perspectives through Kosmos thinking and photographs. Kosmos is an artifact that connects us to our nature, to communities all over the world, and to the beauty and art of living

Pauline Alanis, MA in Integral Theory from John F. Kennedy University. Her thesis was on the use of Altered States of Consciousness for transformation. A former native of Mexiso she now lives in San Francisco where she is a professional integral coach and continues her research in altered states of consciousness.