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Slouching Towards Global Transformation | Waking up in Time


Great changes are blowing through the world: it is, as the ancients understood, “all things change.” Yet even the Greek philosophers would have been more than a little startled to witness our current planetary hyper-acceleration. Five thousand years ago humans were carving their best wisdom in words and symbols into rocks

The Emerging New Story


It is time to ask the great questions: How can we make a better world? What must we do to serve the emerging New Story? These questions help us clarify and define. They prompt us to articulate goals lofty enough to lift us out of petty preoccupations and unite us in pursuit of objectives worthy of our best efforts.

The Evolutionary Context of an Emerging Planetary Civilization


As we see our present interconnected global challenges of widespread environmental degradation, crippling poverty, social inequities, and unrestrained militarism, we know that the obstacles to the flourishing of life's ecosystems and to genuine sustainable development are considerable.

The Many Dimensions of Change


Change, for sure, is the topic of the day. That’s easy to say. Butchange ‘from what and to what?’ I ask. Add ‘how and by whom?’and then perhaps we can begin to talk some sense, even in these days of nonstop news cycles and naïve but well-meaning mantras clamoring for ‘change.’