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Awakening the Energies of Love


At a national professional conference thirty years ago, I stood before a hand-painted poster that so captivated me, I wanted it the way a child wants a treasure found at the beach. Since then, that sheet of newsprint has hung where I see it every day. The paint is faded and the paper worn, but Teilhard de Chardin’s message is timeless.

Caring for the Soul of the World


Too often, spiritual imagination takes flight from the world and cannot seem to hold together the realm of being with the realm of doing. I once had a dream that showed me this necessity of holding contradictories without seeking resolution.

The Alfredo Sfeir-Younis Story


Kosmos is honored to salute Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, a beloved member of the Kosmos Advisory Board and deeply respected and dedicated Global Citizen. Recently retired from twenty-nine years at the World Bank, he has devoted his life to alleviating the misery of poverty on a macro-scale and to embracing each individual who crossed his path with compassionate concern.