Local Resilience

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The Great Simplification


The Great Simplification will be the era of the 21st century where we unwind a lot of the complexity built into our system over the last century of fossil fuel addiction. It doesn't have to be a disaster, but it's going to mean a different sort of existence. VIDEOS | INTERVIEW

The Web of Meaning


Jeremy Lent | What I call animate intelligence, and Earth wisdom, is a very similar take on the same thing, which is this recognition that life itself has spent billions of years here on Earth, evolving ways of doing things and being healthy as part of bigger ecosystems, and showing incredible intelligence.

Making the Case for a Small Farm Future


Even though the idea of a small farm future is currently marginal to mainstream thought, it’s probably the best future now available for most of humanity.

How We Win | Divestment and Nonviolent Direct Action


One reason to target a bank was the interface between the climate crisis and the economy. We observed that the economic class that sets the direction for the U.S. refuses to accept responsibility for climate consequences. By pressuring a bank to take responsibility for the consequences of its practices, we would be pushing a higher standard of behavior.

Bioregions and Regeneration | Honoring the Places Where We Live


Daniel | To "do the impossible, because the probable is unthinkable" is only limited by our current frame of what reality is all about. If we dare to understand that our way of being in the moment and with each other and in relationship, actually matters—that it literally brings forth a different world—then we can work miracles.

Safe Houses | Giving Refuge


Modern-day safe houses comprise a worldwide wisdom body, though each part has no full knowledge of the whole. This is the essence of their brilliance, and their generative wealth.

Fourteen Recommendations When Facing Climate Tragedy


How might interbeing raise you from the threat of depression if you sense the end of everything one can contribute to due to near-term extinction of the human race and the majority of species?

Restoring the Housatonic River Walk


The ongoing creation of River Walk also speaks to the human element. It marks the confluence of ecological renewal, environmental and social justice, the underpinnings of the industrial revolution, and the vitality of a downtown.

Selfcare Freedom


The Diaspora Coalition’s medicinal herb production project interconnects communities which grow their own plant medicine at the hyper-local level.