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Reflections on Outliving My Son


“My own life now lies scattered across the floor. But I know that the bridge between the breakdown of everything I thought I knew and the other shore that waits for me can only be crossed with a willingness to see Jon and myself anew.“

Red Brain, Green Brain


An eco-anxiety response is common--almost a way of life. But are we sure that the eco-anxiety that has become normal for many is our best response to the crises we face?

Healing Wetiko, the Mind-Virus that Plagues Our World


Becoming divided among ourselves is part of the effect of the mind-virus that we are unwittingly colluding with through our fixed views.

Seeking “Ssshhh”


It has been one year since the 2020 derecho decimated this part of the Heartland. The 90,000 sq. mile swath of intense, sustained winds devastated over 65% of the mature tree canopy in the Cedar Rapids corridor.

Embodied Thinking and Embodied Feeling


It is so easy to think that we are living fully in the present moment with our felt experience, yet the fact is that we are thinking and not really feeling. You can experience this attraction to thinking by taking a few minutes right now.

Trauma and Regeneration


Everyone reacts differently to trauma, even in shared traumatic events. One person may be fine while the other one gets trapped in a cycle of anxiety. It’s very important to know when we approach healing that it’s actually something to work through in our bodies.

Listening to our Hearts


Since the death of my son two years ago, and in the ways that I have tried to fill the emptiness he left behind, I have encountered a yearning to discover a soul inside me; since only then can I believe that my son, Jon, sailed away safely in his.

Looking Back | The Visionary Spirit of Resilience


In order to see the horizon, where we are headed individually and collectively, we must—from time to time—turn a soft gaze upon the excluded past.

Deschooling Dialogues: On Initiation, Trauma and Ritual with Francis Weller


Alnoor Ladha interviews Francis Weller, a psychotherapist, writer and activist who pioneered the method of soul-centered psychotherapy.

Unlocking a Fresh Vision for the World


We already have everything we need to heal ourselves, our societies, and our planet. And we must, for there is no time to waste.