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Trauma and Regeneration


Everyone reacts differently to trauma, even in shared traumatic events. One person may be fine while the other one gets trapped in a cycle of anxiety. It’s very important to know when we approach healing that it’s actually something to work through in our bodies.

Listening to our Hearts


Since the death of my son two years ago, and in the ways that I have tried to fill the emptiness he left behind, I have encountered a yearning to discover a soul inside me; since only then can I believe that my son, Jon, sailed away safely in his.

Looking Back | The Visionary Spirit of Resilience


In order to see the horizon, where we are headed individually and collectively, we must—from time to time—turn a soft gaze upon the excluded past.

Deschooling Dialogues: On Initiation, Trauma and Ritual with Francis Weller


Alnoor Ladha interviews Francis Weller, a psychotherapist, writer and activist who pioneered the method of soul-centered psychotherapy.

Unlocking a Fresh Vision for the World


We already have everything we need to heal ourselves, our societies, and our planet. And we must, for there is no time to waste. 

Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice


I posit that returning or reintegrating into the life of our bodies allows us to return to a greater connection with each other, life, and land. It is a practice to help us de-objectify life. It lets us sense and feel life more readily.

CRAZYWISE | Shamanic Mysticism and Mental Wellness


Phil Borges’ recent project, CRAZYWISE, explores the relevance of Shamanic traditional practices and beliefs to those of us living in the modern world.

Humanity and the Microbe: A Soul Agreement?


Elisabet Sahtouris: From about four billion years to a billion years, the planet was populated only by bacteria . . . our medical system does not understand this microbial world very well at all. We’re absolutely dependent on it.

Mind Matters Most


An exploration of mind: how our thoughts create our reality and how we can use this time to gain awareness of their negative tendencies and come out of self-generated suffering.