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Institutional Corruption | When Purpose and Trust are Misplaced


Increasingly, I feel like a passenger on a plane watching a pilot flirting with a flight attendant during a thunderstorm. My surgeon seems more concerned about her tee time on the golf course. Half of the drivers around me incessantly talk on their cell phones.

Living Leadership


At the heart of a new global civilization is the movement toward wholeness and forms that support global emergence. ‘Integral leadership’ is an important component powering this move. Integral leadership reflects a sphere of leadership where interior development and exterior structures are aligned to support and sustain organisms—people, businesses, the environment, and one another.

The Emergence of Values-Driven Leadership: An Interview with Nicanor Perlas


Nicanor Perlas, a dynamic advocate and activist, has altered the course of national and global events over the past 30 years and has influenced the lives of millions. He has organized numerous civil society movements to challenge oppressive structures in the Philippines and to create a more just, sustainable and nuclear-free society.

A New World Political Architecture


It was a dedicated and globally diverse group of leaders who gathered together at the beautiful old monastery in Bosco Marengo, Italy on October 27-28, 2006. These leaders had been invited by Mikhail Gorbachev and The World Political Forum to participate in the inauguration of a high level think-tank dedicated to A New World Political Architecture.

Dark Lord, Dark Victory | America’s Dark Passage


The fall of the Soviet Union initiated a new passage of American identity. Then the 9/11 War took us a long way down the road to journey’s end. This passage is also a migration. America has not simply abandoned one collective identity for another; we have become a different people, a different idea.

Global Governance in a Time of Transformation


We live in an extraordinarily fluid time, when choices made today will have massive consequences for tomorrow. Imagine living in a wonderful world a few decades from now. The gut-wrenching poverty that left half the world eking out a bare existence at the turn of the millennium has become little more than a distant memory as ever freer and more equitable global markets have ushered in a new era of prosperity for almost everyone. New environmentally sustainable technologies from ‘green’ cars to organic farming are so widely adopted that Mother Nature smiles benignly on her eight billion or so human children. This extraordinary progress in the human condition has become possible thanks to the information revolution and the related spread of education. People around the world have become capable of demanding and getting effective and competent governments which are closely monitored by a global array of citizens groups looking out for the public interest.