Global Citizenship

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Living Leadership


At the heart of a new global civilization is the movement toward wholeness and forms that support global emergence. ‘Integral leadership’ is an important component powering this move. Integral leadership reflects a sphere of leadership where interior development and exterior structures are aligned to support and sustain organisms—people, businesses, the environment, and one another.

The Alfredo Sfeir-Younis Story


Kosmos is honored to salute Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, a beloved member of the Kosmos Advisory Board and deeply respected and dedicated Global Citizen. Recently retired from twenty-nine years at the World Bank, he has devoted his life to alleviating the misery of poverty on a macro-scale and to embracing each individual who crossed his path with compassionate concern.

Global Citizens | Part II


Five Levels of Global Citizens When basic freedoms take root, citizenship begins to evolve. To understand this process of evolution, […]

Global Citizens, Part I


“Why do the people in France hate us?” a second year student, one of almost three hundred seated in the large lecture hall, asked me. “They tried to attack the Olympic torch when it was passing through Paris. Is that because they don’t like our country?” For a split second, I was speechless. I knew the answer to the Chinese student’s question.