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Kosmos Global Ambassador Program


Kosmos is pleased to announce our Global Ambassador program, a new outreach to educate and empower people to become socially engaged for the global common good. This small but growing group of volunteers—all international travelers in their careers—use our journal to start conversations and inspire others to contribute to the global commons movement. Much more than magazine distribution, this program is about sharing the hopefulness of a new world community. As you will see below, Ambassadors serve in their own unique ways, wherever their paths go.

My Story, Kosmos in Serbia


When I received an invitation to tell my story of how I got involved in teaching and why I spread the word about Kosmos, I was greatly honored but also very apprehensive. I am a professional translator/interpreter and a language instructor and only write sporadically for a blog that some of my former students started. But, like so many other times in my life, I closed my eyes and leapt.

Kosmos Comes to Myanmar


Myanmar—Burma—is unlike anyplace I have seen before, even in extensive travels on four continents. It’s a land of contradictions, breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant, yet poor and isolated. A former British colony, and under Japanese occupation during the second World War, the country has been run by a military dictatorship since 1962, and has been virtually closed to interaction with the outside world.

Building Bridges as a Kosmos Global Ambassador


When you authentically connect with someone or deeply resonate with an idea, you touch in the center, like a bridge has newly formed. Sometimes these are external bridges—connections that others can see. At other times, they are internal rewiring, a revolution of thought. As a Kosmos Global Ambassador, in my own small way, I build bridges. Our current institutions are crumbling and we stand at the edge of radical change. Bridging our inner and outer worlds is critical to our survival and skillful transformation.

Being a Kosmos Global Ambassador


When the call came out to represent Kosmos globally, I was quick to respond.