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Integral Education | A Guide For The Academically Perplexed


We are indeed in times of change, and at an historical first. All of the world's cultures are now available to us, with the totality of human knowledge open to our study.1 What an auspicious and robust setting for post-secondary study; how fortunate are the students and the professors who are seeking the experience, wisdom, and patterns of the past for their edification and for those of future generations!

Salons and the Practice of Conversation


The critical challenges we face today are increasingly understood as interrelated and as global, spiritual and material in nature. Climate change and related human activities, including development and human migrations, have created a planetary crisis that no nation or region can solve on its own. We are an Earth community.

The Integral Creative Cycle: A Participatory Model of Integral Education


Whether in nature or in human reality, a creative process usually unfolds through several general stages that correspond roughly with the seasonal cycle of nature: action (Autumn, preparing the terrain and planting the seeds; the body, studying what is already known about a subject matter, i.e., the body of literature); germination/gestation

Educating Global Citizens for the 21st Century


Mind and Life Institute Conference, October 2009 With comments by Nancy Roof and Stephanie Shorter How can our educational system […]