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Interest Rates and Climate Change: Realigning our Incentives through the Power of the Commons


During the past several decades, humanity has emerged as a perilous force of nature. Through its technological, economic and political choices and activities, modern civilization has produced destructive economies of scale, powered by exponential growth and fossil fuels. Our consumption of vital resources is already exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet.

People Sharing Resources | Toward a New Multilateralism of the Global Commons


The opening decades of this century are a pivotal time in which many of our current beliefs and practices will be reexamined. During the last century, the economic and political catastrophes that befell the world inspired an earlier generation to create a multilateral system defined by an unprecedented vision of cooperation and security for the international community.

The Alfredo Sfeir-Younis Story


Kosmos is honored to salute Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, a beloved member of the Kosmos Advisory Board and deeply respected and dedicated Global Citizen. Recently retired from twenty-nine years at the World Bank, he has devoted his life to alleviating the misery of poverty on a macro-scale and to embracing each individual who crossed his path with compassionate concern.

Dark Lord, Dark Victory | America’s Dark Passage


The fall of the Soviet Union initiated a new passage of American identity. Then the 9/11 War took us a long way down the road to journey’s end. This passage is also a migration. America has not simply abandoned one collective identity for another; we have become a different people, a different idea.

Inequality: The Enemy Between Us? Why Inequality Matters


Why do the poor suffer more from almost every health and social problem? Death rates are higher from cardiovascular disease, […]

The Gift Economy | Generosity 2.0


My wife and I were on a walking pilgrimage in a sparsely populated region of Western India when we were approached by a radiant villager. “I would like to offer you a meal,” he said, “Will you accept my offering?” When we gladly agreed he added, “We don’t have any running water or electricity in our small hut. Our family is poor but we like to give from whatever we have.”