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Bridging the Feminine and Masculine in Business: One Woman’s Journey


The journey began with a dream. In it I am running away from a burning city, clutching a candle, looking back, wanting to desperately return to what was once familiar, safe and comfortable. But I cannot. As I run, I come to the edge of a cliff. Too terrified to jump, I find myself gently pushed off by an unseen hand, spiraling slowly through the air and—in slow motion—landing on a soft grassy knoll. A voice speaks to me from the depths of my awareness. “Amber, you have arrived in a new kingdom. Here the rules are different. Here we live and breathe from a place of love. The old kingdom you came from burned from fear and greed.”

Evolutionary Entrepreneurship | Engaging Collective Will


This article gives a brief overview of what needs to happen if we— individually and collectively—are to wisely and effectively engage in shaping the future of our planet and our species. The community of evolutionary entrepreneurs has a rich toolkit of models, maps and approaches to work with

Institutional Corruption | When Purpose and Trust are Misplaced


Increasingly, I feel like a passenger on a plane watching a pilot flirting with a flight attendant during a thunderstorm. My surgeon seems more concerned about her tee time on the golf course. Half of the drivers around me incessantly talk on their cell phones.

The Hub | Creating an Ecology of Social Innovation


What’s the Infrastructure for Realizing Ideas for a Radically Better World? Work isn’t working. That much is clear. Freelancers, flexi-workers, nomad professionals and social entrepreneurs are more and more often characterizing the landscape of contributors to social and ecological responsibility.

A Conversation On Compassionate Capitalism


Goleman. I’m here in Silicon Valley with my dear old friend, Larry Brilliant. From my point of view, Larry is […]

The Global Players


What started out as an interview with Rinaldo Brutoco by Nancy Roof turned into a full-scale article. Rinaldo was so […]