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This is a self-guided (un)learning journey for anyone wishing to connect more deeply with the Kosmos Journal Summer Quarterly and our community. The theme is Unlearning Together. Use these pages as a reading guide or as a short course. A virtual certificate of completion is awarded by Kosmos to anyone participating in the forums at least once a week, and submitting a final essay. Collect badges each time you complete a Kosmos course!

Week 1 | Unlearning

Welcome! We have organized the content of the Summer 2018 edition of Kosmos Quarterly around four weekly themes. Week One explores the central concept, ‘Unlearning’. What limiting beliefs, assumptions, and habits are holding us back from participating fully in a future that is more just and caring for all?


Week 2 | Working with Grief and Paradox

Grief is a natural response to change. The rapid pace of change may make us feel confused, sad, or numb. At the same time, Life unfolds around us in all its manifest beauty and we know that joy is possible. How can we honor the grieving process and reconcile our suffering and our joy?


Week 3 | Wayfinding

This week we explore Wayfinding as the practice of ‘encounter’. The Seeker’s journey is a story of meetings and connections. In our daily lives, the way we respond to others and to situations colors the quality of our experiences and worldview. How can we create more spaciousness to allow mystery and unexpected beauty to unfold in our lives?


Week 4 | Personal Practice and Healing

Use this week to deepen your personal practice. Reflect on the past weeks and review what has been (un)learned. How can the practice of ‘presence’ transform our personal lives and help usher in a new collective awakening? Consider developing an essay for Kosmos Journal on your experience taking this course.